Professional Indemnity Insurance provides protection for your business against claims by third parties alleging they have suffered a financial loss as a result of you or your business negligence, professional misconduct, breach of professional duty or incorrect advice that you provide to a third party. When considering Professional Indemnity Insurance it’s important to consider the risks your business is exposed to as each industry is unique. That’s why most Professional Indemnity policies are often tailored to meet the industry-specific needs of key professionals and consultants. We offer policies from some of Australia’s leading insurers with cover limits from $500K to $20M.


    Am I A Professional?

    A professional is anyone who:

    • Exercises specialised knowledge or skills;
    • Owes a duty of care to a client or third party in the performance of their professional work
    • Is paid a fee for their advice, design, care services.

    Professional Indemnity claims can be made against you or your business for a number of reasons:

    • Errors or omissions in the provision of your Professional Services
    • Faulty designs, inaccurate advice
    • Misleading & deceptive conduct
    • Breaches of intellectual property rights
    • Breaches of contract
    • Fraudulent & dishonest acts
    • Defamation
    • Loss of or damage to documents
    • Fines & penalties

    We can help you manage your risks with effective insurance products that give value for your money. Contact our Professional Indemnity Insurance specialists on 1300 402 412 to obtain a free no obligation quote for yourself or your business.

    • Accountant
    • Accounts Preparation
    • Adoption Agencies
    • Advertising Agencies & Services
    • Aged Care Consultants
    • Agricultural Consultant Agronomists
    • Aquaculture Consultants Arbitrators
    • Archaeologists
    • Archival Firms
    • Artist/Art Directors
    • Authors
    • BAS Services
    • Biologist
    • Bookbinders
    • Bookkeeper
    • Botanists
    • Building Designers
    • Business Brokers
    • Business Coaches
    • Business Planning
    • Business Project Management
    • Business Training Courses
    • Buyers Agents/Advocates
    • Career Advisory Services
    • Cartography Consultants
    • Catering Consultants
    • Change Management
    • Civil Celebrants
    • Company Search Agencies
    • Compliance Consultants
    • Conference Management
    • Copywriters
    • Court Reporters
    • Dance School Teachers
    • Debt Collectors
    • Draftspersons & Tech Drawing
    • Driving School Instructors
    • Ecology Advisors
    • Editors
    • Education Advisory Services
    • Education Consultants
    • Educational
    • Establishments
    • Electrician
    • Engineer – Mechanical Engineer – Safety
    • Engineer – Telecommunications Engineer – Traffic
    • Engineer – Water
    • Entomology Consultants
    • Environmental Consultants
    • Ergonomics Consultants
    • Exhibition Management/Event Coordination
    • Fauna Consultants
    • Fire Protection
    • Food Inspectors
    • Forestry Consultants
    • Funeral Directors
    • Gemmologists
    • Geographers
    • Graphic Designers
    • Green Auditors
    • Health and Safety Consultants, Workplace Assessors
    • Historians
    • Home Sustainability Assessors
    • Horticultural Advisors
    • Hospital Consultants
    • Hotel Consultants
    • Human Resource Consulting
    • Illustrators
    • Image Consultants
    • Import and Export Agents
    • Public Records Search Firms
    • Public Relation Advisors & Firms
    • Industrial Relations Consultants
    • Information Technology Consultants
    • Insurance Loss Adjusters
    • Interior Designers
    • Interpreters
    • Irrigation Design and Consultants
    • Landscape Designers
    • Lapidary (Gemstones) Consultants
    • Librarians
    • Literary Agents
    • Logistic Advisors
    • Management Consultant
    • Market Research Analysts
    • Marketing Consultant
    • Marriage and Family Counsellors
    • Mediators
    • Metallurgy Consultants
    • Meteorology Advisors
    • Microbiologists
    • Migration Agents
    • Multimedia Consultants
    • Numismatics (Coins) Advisors
    • Occupational Health and Safety Consultants
    • Organisational Structure and Staffing Philatelic (Stamps) Advisors
    • Pool Safety Inspections
    • Private Investigators
    • Process Servers
    • Project Management
    • Property Title Searchers
    • Publicists
    • Quality Control Advisors
    • Real Estate Agent
    • Recruitment Services
    • Registered Training Organisations
    • Relocation Agents
    • Risk Management Consultants
    • Robotics Advisors
    • Secretarial Services
    • Sewerage Consultants
    • Shipping & Freight Forwarding
    • Sociologists
    • Solar Energy Consultants
    • Statisticians
    • Stock and Station Agents
    • Strategic Planning
    • Sustainability Assessors and Auditors
    • Tax Agent
    • Technical Writers
    • Textile Designers
    • Tourist Bureau & Guides
    • Town and Country Planning
    • Traffic Management
    • Traffic Surveys and Engineering
    • Training
    • Translators
    • Travel Agent
    • Viticulture Consultants
    • Water Brokers
    • Water Conservation Advisors
    • Wedding Planners
    • Wind Energy Consultants
    • Wool Brokers and Classification
    • Workflow Efficiencies
    • Workplace Assessors
    • Zoologists

    Why Choose Us

    Strong client support

    We are with you every step of the way. From start to finish, we assess your business’ risks and what cover your business requires to be fully secured. Our services are available for all businesses and individuals across Australia.

    Quality Service Team

    We go above and beyond to provide 100% customer satisfaction for each of our clients, ensuring that the claims process is easy and stress-free. We can also supply quick quotes over the phone on request.

    Quality risk and claims management

    We provide expert advice on managing risk and claims. Tailored solutions are delivered to each of our clients to provide for individual and highly-specific needs.

    Honesty and Transparency

    We want what’s best for you – that’s why we’ll conduct a policy review to determine if your insurance policy is the most appropriate it can be for you or your business.