Cyber Insurance Get a Quote It is impossible for business now days to operate
without the use of technology system. Sadly, cyber
criminals see it as an opportunity to target businesses

What is it cover?

It is cover you for financial losses suffered by your business, arising from Cyber incident. In addition, it may cover your business interruption due to cyber-attack or investigation, the cost of regulatory investigations and fines.

Why do you need Cyber Insurance?

Cyber insurance will protect your business from further losses and assist with recovery plans and mitigation to get your business back up and running.
You should invest in cyber insurance especially when your business uses online payments, cloud system, and store private information.
It is misleading to think that cyber criminals only attack large corporation. According to one of software company provider, malicious hackers know most smaller business operations are not prepared against network security breaches, making them popular targets for cyber-attacks.
The below link survey/report will give you an overview of cyber security practices and knowledge of among Australian Small Medium Businesses.

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